Entrance to the Gardens in Springtime


West Garden Wall


East Garden Wall


Gardens at The Ridge

Garden of Peace



Our Garden of Peace provides an informal, peaceful, park-like setting.  Surrounded by the panoramic countryside, emerald lawns welcome visitors.  Granite markers are level with the surface and can provide a secured container for floral tributes.

Butterfly Garden



Our Butterfly  Garden is dedicated exclusively to  children.  With a charming gazebo surrounded by shrubs and flowers, this garden  beckons children to play and to explore amid the glorious wonders of nature.                   

Garden of Tranquility


Our Garden of Tranquility offers conventional headstones.  To assure tastefulness, all headstone design and placement is approved  by RMG personnel.  Site costs in this section are  slightly higher to offset perpetual maintenance expenses.  

A Quiet Place for Peaceful Reflection

Natural Gardens


Nature has a  way of caring for its own.  For those who prefer habitat that features  abundant animal and plant life, our Green Burial Meadows offer an ideal solution to your search.  Adjacent to ten acres of heavy cover, this area is host to foxes, raccoons,  rabbits, deer, and an extensive array of native bird life.  This area is  especially attractive to the outdoor person and to those having a strong respect  for nature's ways.  Granite markers that are level with the surface identify the resting  places of friends and family members. 

Ridgeview Memorial Gardens

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