The Meadows of Ridgeview

The only certified Green Burial cemetery in West Michigan

Ridgeview Memorial Gardens is the only Green Burial Council certified green burial site in West Michigan.

The intent of natural or "green" burial is  to minimize the impact of burial on the environment.  While we might think of  this in terms of chemical impact (primarily embalming fluids),  the intent also  addresses the manufacture and delivery of vaults and casketry and the long-term  maintenance of grave sites.  In many respects green burial could be called life's  ultimate and final simplification.  As such it is attractive to those who wish to  minimize costs and address environmental sensitivities.    For more  information about green burial and the Green Burial Council:        

Green Burial Considerations at Ridgeview     

§ Natural Burials:   Green burial takes place in the Meadows of  Ridgeview,  a working hayfield--taking no land out of useful production.  Large  6' x 9' gravesites are utilized to guarantee at least 3' of undisturbed earth in  all directions between graves.  Interments in our Natural  Gardens have minimal maintenance and revert to a very natural  setting hosting foxes, raccoons, rabbits, deer, and an extensive array of native  bird life. 

§ Grave Markers:  Each gravesite at Ridgeview must be  identified with a granite marker (i.e., not bronze, marble, limestone,  sandstone, etc.) which we must install at a cost commensurate with the  marker.  Flush markers shall not be less  than 12" x 24" nor more than 24" x 30".  The design for monuments must be approved in writing by cemetery  personnel. 

§ Hand-Dug Graves: Hand-dug graves are available for those who wish to further minimize the  "carbon footprint."  There will be an added cost for this service which includes backfilling and restoration. There is a surcharge for Sundays and holidays.  There is also a surcharge for winter conditions  (Nov. - April). 

§ Notification:  While we typically expect 24 hours notice  for natural burial, we can comply with requests for immediate direct  burial. There is a surcharge for the service. Hand-digging is not an option with less than 24-hour notice. 

§ Site  Conditions:  Since cemeteries are ground-condition-dependent, there  will be occasions when we simply cannot get into the ground.  We reserve the right  to decline unscheduled delivery.

"Where Earth Touches Heaven"

Mature trees frame this secluded area and a tranquil pond adorns the peaceful landscape. Native grasses secure the soil of this serene natural burial site in The Meadows of Ridgeview.


Green Burial in The Meadows of Ridgeview Prepay Options Available


1. Gravesite only (6' x 9') in The Meadows*    

 *Opening & closing & restoration to be paid at time of use   

 2. Gravesite (6' x 9') with interment in The  Meadows**     

**Includes gravesite, opening &  closing & restoration   



Summertime in The Meadows

Ridgeview Memorial Gardens

5151 8th Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418



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The only Green Burial Council certified 

Green Burial site in Western Michigan.